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Marvel; Fanfiction Roleplay?? Empty Marvel; Fanfiction Roleplay??

Post by Lord_Phoenix001 on Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:49 pm

Hello everybody. We really need to make a role-play topic or area for this forum, I know it seems like nearly non of us seem to ever be online, but nearly all other forums have these... and it might get some interesting ideas rolling!

So; come on and join the fun... I'll go first, (Note: I do seem to overpower my characters a lot in most situations!!)  Very Happy 

Name: "Augustus Castigor" - The; "Phoenix Lord"
Age: unknown, (Ascended being)
Race: Magical Human, (Homo-Magi)
(Elven features - pale; 'Ice blue' coloured, skin & Blue eyes)
(Muscular build - extremely well-built frame)
(Bald - hairless; but sometimes has long: neon green, hair)

(Blue shirt - with a Dark blue, collar & Blue, fingerless gloves)
(Dark green/Kharki - combat pants)
(Combat boots - Black, with blue laces)

Physical Powers
(Absolute strength)
(Unlimited: Endurance & Energy reserves)
(Absolute speed - Capable: FTL travel)
(Absolute durability - Immune to death: Immortal)

Cosmic Powers


Have FUN!!!! regards,

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